Contact Guelph Snow Removal before we have no space left to keep you safe during the cold months!

Our team handles snow removal for the Guelph community and are available to help you this winter. Just make sure you sign up for one of our snow removal packages before there’s no space left and you’re left out in the cold!


Don’t get caught off guard by snow and ice this winter! Contact us before we have no space left to keep you safe during the cold months!

Our team handles snow removal for the Guelph community and are available to help you this winter. Just make sure you sign up for one of our snow removal packages before there’s no space left and you’re left out in the cold!


Build-Up Snow Removal

Don’t worry about that mound of snow covering the end of your driveway and walkways because our team is here to get rid of it for you, every time!

Walkway Snow Removal

Our team will clear your walkways and sidewalks during every visit, giving you a safe path to walk during the slippery weather!

Driveway & Parking Lot Snow Removal

We bring in the serious machinery to make sure all of the snow is removed from your driveway and parking lot after a heavy snowfall!

About us

Our team is ready to clear away the snow and ice for you, giving you and your visitors a safer winter during the cold months ahead!

Our experienced snow removal team in Guelph has the tools and manpower to clear away the snow from your walkways and driveways every time there is a heavy snowfall. Don’t count on unreliable snow removal companies who fail to show up on time, meaning you’re late for work or other appointments! We’re always on time and ready to get you on your way as soon as possible!

Our snow removal packages do fill up fast, so make sure you book your service as soon as you can to make sure you get a spot on our schedule during the winter months. Whether you’re looking for plowing, ice removal, path and walkway clearance, or other services we can help!


Check out some of our services below to learn more about what our Guelph snow removal team has to offer you and your community!

Please note that some of these services are only available as part of a larger snow removal package and can’t be selected individually. Also, some of the offerings listed below are for commercial snow removal and may not be available for residential services. 

If you’re unsure about any of the services we offer you can give our office a call to learn more!

Commercial Snow Removal

If you own a parking lot or are a property owner, we can help keep your building’s parking clear and safe during the winter months!

Residential Snow Removal

Our most popular service continues to be our driveway snow removal, providing homeowners with a safe way out of their home in the winter!

Parking Lot Plowing

We provide snow removal for parking lots in the Guelph community, giving property owners reliable services at an affordable rate.

Walkway & Sidewalk Clearing

Our snow removal also includes the option of clearing walkways and sidewalks from slippery ice and snow so you can safely walk around your property!

De-Icing Service

Not only does our team clear away the snow from your driveway but we also de-ice the areas we clear away so you can get to your vehicle without the risk of slipping on the ice!

Other Snow Removal Services

We provide other services to the Guelph community including residential snow removal and plowing services. Contact us to learn more about our winter packages!

call today for your no obligation quote

Reach out to us today to book your spot in our winter schedule before all of our packages are filled up for the season! We have limited space and once all of the slots are gone we may not be able to help you out during the cold, snowy months!


Learn why you should choose the Guelph Snow Removal team to take care of your residential or commercial properties this winter!

We know there are a lot of different options when it comes to snow removal in the community and are eager to share with you some of the reasons so many property and business owners turn to Guelph Snow Removal during the winter months to provide them with clear driveways and parking lots. Not only is our team ready to work before you even start your day, but they have the experience and drive to give you plowed driveways and walkways before you’re stuck inside because of the weather.

We also have the equipment and tools needed to make sure you don’t have to deal with either the ice or the snow in the morning because of a late night storm or early morning snowfall. From plows to de-icing equipment, we’re ready and armed to take on the worst Canadian winter weather throughout the weeks ahead!

Customer Service Focus

Our team puts your needs first. This means we’re always at your property as soon as possible after a snow storm, giving you a way to start your day when you’d otherwise be stuck!

Reliable Services

The most important part of hiring a snow removal company is making sure they’ll be there when you need them. That’s why we always make sure we’re clearing away your snow when you need it, no exceptions!

No Contracts

None of our packages tie you into a contract, meaning if you’d like to cancel your service or suspend a week or two, that’s okay with us! Just contact us ahead of time so we can plan accordingly!

The Right Job Every Time

We don’t rush through our work and leave you with piles of snow on your walkways or driveway. We always make sure the job is done properly the first time!

Professional Snow Removal Packages

We still have slots available for the upcoming winter season! Contact us to get a free quote or learn more about our snow removal packages! Our calendar fills up fast so make sure you reach out to us soon or you may need to be put on a waitlist!

Contact Us

Our team is ready to give you a safer winter with reliable snow removal services you can count on when you need them!

If you’d like to sign up for our snow removal packages, or want to learn more about what we provide fill out the form below. You can also call us at the number listed above the map or email us to learn more. We’ve helped people just like you experience a safer and easier winter and are ready to get started at the first sign of snow!

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