At Guelph Snow Removal we offer both residential and commercial services to help keep you moving this winter through even the harshest conditions the season throws at you! Get your free quote or sign up for our services today by clicking the button below!


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Clearing away snow and ice for the Guelph community so you can keep moving during the harshest of winters!

Discover how our snow removal services can keep you on schedule during the winter, even if a storm comes sweeping through your area in the night! Our team gets to work early in the morning so you have a clear driveway when you need to leave in the morning. We also plow large parking lots so business owners can keep customers coming to their stores during the winter!

Build-Up Snow Removal

Don’t worry about that mound of snow covering the end of your driveway and walkways because our team is here to get rid of it for you, every time!

Driveway & Parking Lot Snow Removal

We bring in the serious machinery to make sure all of the snow is removed from your driveway and parking lot after a heavy snowfall!

Walkway Snow Removal

Our team will clear your walkways and sidewalks during every visit, giving you a safe path to walk during the slippery weather!

Our Winter Services

Providing the best in snow removal for residential and business community members in Guelph!

Commercial Snow Removal

If you own a parking lot or are a property owner, we can help keep your building’s parking clear and safe during the winter months!

Driveway Snow Removal

Our most popular service continues to be our driveway snow removal, providing homeowners with a safe way out of their home in the winter!0

Parking Lot Plowing

We provide snow removal for parking lots in the Guelph community, giving property owners reliable services at an affordable rate.

Walkway & Sidewalk Clearing

Our snow removal also includes the option of clearing walkways and sidewalks from slippery ice and snow so you can safely walk around your property!

De-Icing Service

Not only does our team clear away the snow from your driveway but we also de-ice the areas we clear away so you can get to your vehicle without the risk of slipping on the ice!

Other Snow Removal Services

We provide other services to the Guelph community including residential snow removal and plowing services. Contact us to learn more about our winter packages!

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Our team is ready to give you a safer winter with reliable snow removal services you can count on when you need them!    

Guelph Snow Removal Services For Your Needs

Residential snow removal

Don’t rely on snow removal companies who aren’t reliable and fail to show up after an ice or snow storm or come too late to help you leave your house on time. We’re here to provide the most reliable snow removal services for your community!

COMMERCIAL snow removal

Don’t let your business suffer because customers can’t reach your front door through all the snow and ice. Not only will we plow parking lots but depending on the package you choose we’ll also clear walkways and storefront entrances. 

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Contact us before we run out of space this winter to make sure you aren’t left wondering what you’re going to do if a heavy snowstorm strikes! Our services also make a great gift for elderly loved ones who need a reliable snow removal company!


Reach out to our team today for a free, no obligation quote! We’ll come out and take a look at your driveway or commercial property and get back to you with a cost for our services. 

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Providing reliable snow removal for you and your family that you can count on! We also provide our services to business and property owners in Guelph!